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Pocket Money Stall

Dear Parents,

We would like to introduce the ‘Christmas Pocket Money Stall’ to all parents whose children have started at St Gabriel’s in September.

The Pocket Money Stall will be held in the school hall on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th December.  Six blank gift tags will be sent home with your child prior to the event to be written out and returned to school. It is up to your child to choose the six lucky people who will receive their gifts!  The cost of the event is £5 per child.

During the afternoon of the Pocket Money Stall each class in turn visit the hall and choose six gifts from three different areas of the hall: men’s gifts, ladies gifts and children’s gifts.  The children can see the gifts clearly and are encouraged where possible to choose their own presents.

These are typical examples of gifts we have had in the past:

Ladies                        notepads, mug & hot chocolate, bathroom smellies, umbrellas

Men’s                          Socks, hair products, tape measures, car sponges, screwdrivers

Children’s                 Snap cards, small toys, small cuddly toys, pens & pencils, keyrings

After the children have chosen their gifts they are helped to wrap and label them and will bring them home that night to put under their Christmas tree!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You are more than welcome to come into school on the afternoon of the Pocket Money Stall and assist the children with their wrapping, it really is a delightful afternoon.  Please contact the office if you can help in any way.

This event has been a tradition at St Gabriel’s for many years and we hope you will help support it this year and in the years to come.

Many thanks,

The Friends of St Gabriel’s School Association