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Each year, children have lessons based on our special ‘Pocket Book Guide to School’. We call this our Keeping Safe Week and we link it to national Safer Internet Day. This guide is a document written for children, explaining all about school and presenting questions to children regarding their own understanding of keeping safe and wider health and wellbeing issues.

It ensures that children understand all aspects of school life including extra rewards and opportunities, site security and our essential School Vision.

It covers the following topics:

  • Our School Vision
  • We are a Church School
  • Our School
  • Our Staff
  • Feeling Happy and Safe in School
  • Friendships and our School Family
  • Keeping Safe Online
  • Keeping Safe Outside of School
  • Keeping Healthy and Feeling Happy
  • Extra Fun Opportunities in School
  • Rewards and Responsibilities


Download our children's pocket book guide to school