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How do you make an application for admission to our Reception class?

Admission applications begin a full year in advance of the time your child would start. Applications for admission to the school should be made on-line at between September and January of the year prior to admission. The closing date is the middle of January.

Primary Admission Date: Application Window:
September 2025 September 2024 – January 2025

What is our admission criteria?

As a church school we give a high priority to children of parents worshipping at a Christian Church. If you wish to apply under this faith criteria, please be aware that there is a minimum church attendance requirement for parents.  Attendance at ‘Marbles’ is included in this (St. Gabriel’s Church). This has been amended due to COVID-19 restrictions – see full admissions arrangements for details. 

Some churches have ‘registers’ to sign to confirm attendance. Please check with your own Vicar/Minister for information.

Admission at other times throughout the year

In-year admissions will be administered by the Local Authority.

We hold waiting lists for every class in school. If you would like your child’s name added to this list please complete and return the Record for Parental Interest for Admission form (click here). Please note: You will also need to complete an In-year admissions form (click here) for your child to be placed on the waiting list. These records are updated annually. Names on the list are ranked in accordance with the original admissions arrangements for the relevant year group and not in date order of forms received.

Admission arrangements for the previous year – 2024