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Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 provides opportunity to apply, refine and extend skills learned at Key Stage 1 across all areas of the curriculum.  We seek to encourage children to become independent and responsible for their own learning using approaches of enquiry, thinking, imagination, creativity, exploration, collaboration and reflection.  This will prepare them in the best way possible for the next four years of their primary education.

I  greatly appreciate your role in supporting your child through homework. Your child will be expected to read regularly at home, independently and under adult supervision. We encourage children to enjoy their reading, to explore characterization and discuss the storylines.

There are two Parents Evenings’ planned during the year, but if there is any concern regarding your child’s education or welfare, please do speak to me about it. Very often ‘a nip in the bud’ can prevent problems before they become bigger issues.

With parents, teachers and children working together as a team, I will endeavour to give your child the best support and nurture possible for their Year 3 education.

Thank you
Mr P Madeley