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We want learning to be fun and engaging for both children and staff!

Our curriculum reflects our core values to foster confidence, curiosity, faith and an understanding of the Gospel message of hope and love in Jesus Christ.

Whilst we want all children to achieve their best academically, it is also our intention that our curriculum has a deeper purpose – to develop children’s self-belief and desire to improve.

We know that self-belief can’t be awarded or given, it is something we gain through experience. But because we can both gain and lose confidence through our experiences, we aim to provide a rich and engaging curriculum with opportunities for all children to experience success, be motivated to learn and grow in self-assurance and hope.

It is also true to say that sometimes we can learn from our failures just as much as through our successes. Since children need to experience both to develop resilience and tenacity, we foster a supportive, ‘have-a-go’ culture across school, where individual effort and resolve is recognised and rewarded, even if the target isn’t always achieved.

The topics we teach are aimed to inspire curiosity and broaden our children’s knowledge of our world. We aim to include local and regional content wherever possible to provide meaningful and relevant learning for our children in this school.

Through a wide range of opportunities and activities: knowledge based, sporting, musical, creative, horticultural, we aim to spark new interests, engage curious minds and build self-confidence.

Reading fluency is the key to unlocking future learning. That is why developing our children’s language and reading is paramount and is prioritised throughout school.

Through promoting active bodies and active minds we hope to develop our children’s physical health and mental wellbeing and their awareness of personal safety in the wider world and online.

Our approach is enquiry based, encouraging children to think for themselves but also to collaborate and work as part of a team, learning relevant and essential skills for the future.

Through our teaching and by our example, we want children to question and reflect on what they learn. By this, we hope to deepen self-awareness and nurture core values in our children – nourishing their personal and spiritual development.

As a Church of England school, we profess the Good News of Christianity.

We share and reflect our Diocesan Vision, “standing firm in one spirit” built on love, hope, grace and service – a vision rooted in the Bible. Our school family nurtures prayer and worship, establishing the value of personal belief and developing a sense of wonder, awe, curiosity and mystery. We recognise and respect diversity and the beliefs of others whilst being witnesses to the Gospel values and the person of Jesus Christ.

For our children, we hope that through the challenges they meet, the failures they overcome and the successes they achieve, they will become bold and self-assured individuals, able to “stand firm…” and “be courageous” – well equipped for the next steps in their school journey and lives beyond.


“We aim to provide a rich and engaging curriculum with opportunities for all children to experience success, be motivated to learn and grow in self-assurance and hope.”