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Join the Choir – Juniors

Music plays a special role at the heart of St. Gabriel’s. Our school choir has been nurtured and developed over many years and has an excellent reputation throughout the borough. As we begin this new academic year we also begin a new era in the life of our choir.

Rehearsals will begin on Thursday 22nd September, 3.30 – 4.30 p.m. We look forward to the return of our existing choir members along with new faces, especially from Year 3. All Juniors are welcome to join. Performing together is great fun and brings many opportunities to attend special events. We will be taking part in Sing Together, next spring, which is an exciting and spectacular occasion. Later this term we will be welcoming a new Choir Leader – Mr. Scott Thomas, who has been actively involved in the promotion of Sing Together and is already known to the children.

It is important that children are committed to attending weekly rehearsals, with a view to attending the choir’s performance events or continue to attend. Please complete the consent form below, giving permission for your child to join our school choir.

Click here to download the join the choir form