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Changes to school procedures

Changes to school procedures

 From Monday 16th April we will be trialling new procedures for children coming into school.

All classrooms will be open at 8.45 a.m. – with class teachers present.

From 8.45 a.m. we are requesting that children come directly into school as they arrive. There will no longer be a requirement to wait on the yard to enter as a whole class.

Whilst school’s official start time will remain 8.55 a.m., this new system will allow for swifter ‘drop offs’ (possibly easing congestion on the Crescent) and create an extra opportunity in the school day for children to read and choose books.

We are asking that infant parents see their children into school, but remain on the playground area. Miss White, Mrs Mackley and Mrs Cross will be greeting children as they arrive and will be available to speak with if required. However we would ask, if possible, for lengthy conversations to take place at another time or routine messages to go via the school office.