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Book Bonanza

World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March

On World Book Day your child can bring a book or books (no more than 5 per child) into school that they no longer require but that are still in excellent, re-usable condition. Please ensure that the books are age appropriate to your child.

On the same day your child will need to bring in a 50p donation to join in the ‘Book Bonanza’ selection for their class.  This is an ideal opportunity for your child to have fun choosing new books and for a very cheap price!!

The number of books brought by the children will determine how many books can be bought by each child (still for only 50p).  If your child brings one book into school we guarantee that they will be able to buy at least one book from the book sale.

Any books left over at the end of the day will first be offered to school and the remainder donated to a local charity shop.