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What to do if…

You get lost

First and foremost don’t worry! St Bede’s is a big school and most people (even staff!) may get lost from time to time. There are always staff on the corridors and the yard during lesson changeover. Older students will also help and point you in the right direction. There is also a student services desk in the main reception which you can go to for help.

You miss the bus

If you are travelling to school in the morning and miss the bus, you should contact your parent/carer. If you miss the bus when you are travelling home, you should come back into school and let reception know. They will either contact your parent/carer or your pastoral team.

You haven’t ordered your lunch/don’t have money on your lunch card

It is important that you ensure your lunch card is topped up with sufficient funds. However, if you have not got sufficient funds on your card, you can go to your pastoral team in the morning. You should never miss lunch so it is important that you tell someone. You may also prefer to pre-order your lunch on the app.

You have an activity after school but haven’t told your parent/carer

Again, it is important to be organised and it is your responsibility to let home know if you are staying after school, however, if you haven’t informed home that you plan to stay after school, speak to your pastoral team and they will allow you to use the phone to ask permission to stay.

You are struggling with school work/personal study

It is normal to find your work difficult at times but if you are worried about a topic or task, speak to your subject teacher who will help you. There are Personal Study clubs available during lunch.

You have an appointment during the school day

Your parent/carer should write a note in your planner which you will show to your pastoral team; they will sign the note to allow you to leave school. During the school day, students can only leave through the main reception.

You are ill or injure yourself during the school day

Go to your pastoral area and speak with your pastoral manager who will either help you to feel better, direct you to a first aider or ring home.