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Colleges and Prep Groups

All students will be placed in a college that will be led by a Head of College who will have special responsibility for your child throughout their school life and will be your point of contact.  Your child will be placed in a Prep Group that will be led by a Prep Tutor. They will remain in this group throughout KS3. Your child’s Head of College, Prep Tutor and Pastoral Manager will be responsible for monitoring academic progress, attendance, punctuality, uniform and welfare.

Each college is led by a Head of College and Pastoral Manager. All members of a family are placed in the same College so that parents and carers deal with the same Pastoral Team.

Colleges have their own prefects and collects for its own charity.  Each College has a weekly assembly.  Colleges also compete against each other in competitions including sports.

You will be placed in a college with someone you know from your primary school. If you are coming from a school on your own, you will be placed with other pupils who are in a similar situation.


Bede Reward System

All students are rewarded through the Bedes system. You will be rewarded for various reasons such as having a positive attitude to learning, attendance and punctuality, contributions to school life and wearing your uniform correctly. Each term those with enough Bede points are eligible for the end of term reward. Your personal tutor will give you more details about the reward system when you start St Bede’s.


The St Bede’s Way

Rather than rules, we encourage all students to follow the ‘St Bede’s Way’ so that high standards are met at all times. We believe that showing respect to other people and your environment is important and ensures that our school is a calm and safe place for all its students. Click here to download our St Bede’s Way poster.


Meet the staff

There are lots of new staff who can’t wait to meet you, but here are some faces that you may need to know!

Mr Milton

Miss O’Toole
Deputy Headteacher

Mr Bielby
Assistant Headteacher

Mr Bentley
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Ferguson
Assistant Headteacher

Miss Renshaw
Assistant Headteacher

Mr Walsh
Head of Southworth College

Miss Bilsborough
Head of Arrowsmith College

Mrs Houston
Head of Plessington College

Mrs Jose
Head of Rigby College

Mrs Lingard
Pastoral Manager

Mrs Shannon
Pastoral Manager

Mrs Wilson
Pastoral Manager

Miss Dixon
Pastoral Manager