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Worried about joining St Bede’s? Don’t be! Our current pupils are looking forward to meeting you, and they have written a few messages to help calm your nerves and welcome you to our school…



Dear Year 6’s,

I know some of you are excited or scared or anxious to join high school but it’s not that bad. Some of your concerns might be making friends or lunch times; I can assure you making friends isn’t as scary as you think. We have many fun things that you can also do to ease your mind such as after school clubs or clubs at break time.

I hope that has persuaded you not be scared.

All the best,




Dear Year 6 pupils,

Are you scared of being lost? Don’t worry! High school is not as big as you think, and you will quickly find your way around it! In your planner you will get a little map of the entire school, it will have labelled the 4 different buildings, and what departments are in the buildings. After around a month you will soon be aware of where all your classrooms are, and which department is in which building. Teachers will also be around to guide you if you do need any help at all.




Dear Year 6,

Do not worry about not being in the same classes as your friends. All the teachers are very caring and will look after you. Even if you are not in same classes you will see them at break and lunch time. Anyway, it’s good for you to meet new friends because it teaches you social skills by talking to new people. I came from a school by myself and I was worried about making new friends and I had lots of friends within the first week.

From Chris



Dear Year 6,

I’m here to calm your nerves and to tell you that High School is nothing to worry about! I am reaching the end of year 10 and I can still remember my first day of year 7, which was almost 4 years ago! Starting St Bede’s was such a memorable experience for me. I am sure it will be a time that you will never forget! It’s a time to make new friends and expand your learning into some subjects that you may never have liked before. We have an amazing Music Department which offers many new things for you to experience. This can range from taking lessons on an instrument that interests you, to joining the choir where you can learn new techniques on how to become more confident with your voice. St Bede’s also has a magnificent PE Department, offering many new opportunities and sports for everyone to try! PE lessons will  explore your strengths/ weaknesses with a range of sports such as netball or football. If you’re interested in sports, St Bede’s has many successful teams where you can take part in competitions against rival schools. This letter has only mentioned a fraction of the possibilities that St Bede’s can provide, so I hope that I will be  seeing you next year learning new skills and adventuring into something new! I hope I have provided a small amount of reassurance because here at St Bede’s ‘Everything is possible for one who believes’ Mark 9:23.




Dear new Year 7’s,

I Know that leaving the primary school to enter high school can be sometimes intimidating. Everybody in St Bede’s currently has been in your position. We have the most supporting teachers and pastoral staff that you can talk to if you feel worried. You will all have no problem making friends. If you are anxious about finding your way around school, don’t be, a pupil or staff will guide you. Don’t be to ask for reassurance.




Dear new students,

The first few weeks might be scary since you’re in a new school and new environment but there is nothing to worry about. There is a high chance someone from your primary is in the same class but if you’re the only one joining from your school, many of the students will be wiling to make new friends. Don’t be shy and talk to people in your class. It will be worth it.




Dear new Year 7’s,

Welcome to St Bede’s. Now you are in secondary everything has changed but don’t worry too much. If you have any questions, students/ pupils are happy to help. Making new friends may worry you but it’s easier than it seems and everybody does it. Everyone is in the same boat but once you have been here for a week you will know the school inside out. If you have any concerns, pastoral managers are always there to talk to.




Dear Year 6,

I hope you’re looking forward to starting at St Bede’s. It’s lots of fun, there are plenty of new people there with you for you to enjoy the school with. If you’re coming from a school where you are by yourself, don’t worry. You could go up to the other people around you, they are all in the same position as you because you’re all just starting. You could even try and talk to your classmates, or the people you sit next to. If you are worried about anything, whether it’s school friends or activities or the school itself, there is a pastoral team. Pastoral is always there if you don’t feel well during the day. There are also lots of school activities/extracurricular activities you can do.

Enjoy your time at St Bede’s.




Dear future Year 7’s,

I hope you are looking forward to starting your new journey here at St Bede’s. But of course, I get some of you will be a little nervous and that’s why I’m here, to calm those nerves. I’m almost sure, if not certain, a lot of you will be thinking if you’re going to be with your friends and have that boost of confidence knowing that you are with someone you know. But there is no need to worry. It is basically set in stone that you’ll be with someone you know so you get that little bit more reassurance. So hopefully when you start your journey here at St Bede’s you will feel happy and confident.